Who are we?

A premier living experience solution provider,We at Kaara Decor offer to you the best quality end-to-end interior design and decor services. We promise to help transform your living spaces into a beautiful abode.

Our brilliantly crafted Solid Wood, Engineered Wood, Laminated Wood, Parquet Wood designs, Outdoor Deck Flooring and Cladding for interior and exterior settings not only enhances the aesthetics of your living spaces but also defines your personality.

Our premium products such as sports and reclaimed flooring, indoor and outdoor artificial grass, preserved trees and wallpapers ensure your home and office spaces are well complemented and balanced. Your choice of colours, designs and patterns will further extend the distinctiveness and uniqueness to your spaces.

We are associated with brands like Star Mercantile and Timber Trendz which has over 18 years of experience.

Our close-knit team of proficient architects, prolific designers, engineers, contractors, consultants and managers work dedicatedly to ensure that every work that we are associated with, exceeds the expectations of our clients and helps turn all their dreams into reality.

Explore our wide range of options for Wooden, sports and reclaimed Flooring, Outdoor decor, Artificial Grass, Preserved Trees, Mother of Pearl designs under Collections section.

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We at Kaara believe that Purchasing the best is just a part of the deal; it is the endurance that reflects the real worth of any product.

Apart from the excellent interior designs that we deliver, Kaara Decor also provides care services for the longevity of the products once it reaches to you. Whatever product concerns you may have, we have a solution for it. We take our work very seriously and catering the best of the services is our goal.

Our state of the art services include installation services, cleaning and maintenance services, calling a representative or a specialist over to your place with samples and catalogues if you do not have the time to come to us, any help with designing the space, and interior designing services.

If you do not know what will look good for your house, our expert interior designers will help you with that.

If you need any help or service, just give us a call or email to us. We will be more than happy to serve you!

Architects & Interior Designer Services

1.Call a representative to your office/site with samples
2. Receive a powerpoint presentation about the product and range
3.Get a touch and feel of the product
4. Get expert advice on species,durability,cleaning and performance
5.Receive pricing on the spot
6.Follow up with installation, cleaning and maintenance services

Home Owner Services

1.Call a representative home /site with samples
2.Get a touch and feel of the product
3.Develop an understanding of which product is the best for you and your home
4.Receive expert advice on species,durability,cleaning,options and performance
5.Receive pricing on the spot
6.Get accurate measurements of the space
7.Follow up with installation, cleaning and maintenance services

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